People sometimes ask about my last name. After a little research I was able to discover some history around my surname. The crest to left is my official family crest. Apparently the Slade family has descended through the lines of the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture, and the name comes from having lived in Cornwall. The name is derived from the Old English word "slaed," meaning "valley," and indicates that the original bearer of the name lived in a valley. The surname Slade emerged as a notable English family name in the county of Cornwall, where they were seated in Trevennen. By the 14th century they had branched to Maunsel House in Somerset, where Sir Steven Slade was scion of the family, and later they branched to Gloucestershire.

During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries England was ravaged by religious conflict. The newly found passionate fervour of Cromwellianism and the Church rejected all nonbelievers, and the Roman Church still fought to retain its status. Cornwall was strongly Methodist and fervently loyal to the crown of England. The surname Slade was amongst the many who were freely "encouraged" to migrate to Ireland, or to the "colonies."

The Slade family motto is "Fidus et audax" which translates to "faithful and bold". In North America, early immigrants bearing the Slade family name, or a spelling variation of the surname include George Slade who settled in Virginia in 1654, and Edward Slade who settled in Virginia in 1670.



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